We are a community developing creative and executive connections in different areas in order to transform brands, inspire teams and develop solutions for the modern gastronomic world.

Cena a 4 manos en Alelí.

LEI, La Escena Inminente.

DOTOREA, partnered with Porto

Basque Dinner


We attend various gastronomic events (lunches, dinners or bacchanalian feasts) that we want to take part in.

Gastronomic Events


We develop and optimize gastronomic projects for restaurants, bars, hotels, catering ...

Gastronomic Management


We bring any gastronomic idea worth telling to the audio-visual medium. Because you eat with your eyes.

Audio-visual Projects

Dr. Alaba for Nespresso Talents Morelia 2017

Nespresso Talents 2017


We work to transform gastronomic brands through the usage of creativity tools and process systematization.

Training and Creativity


We aid companies to improve food products and services, from the kitchen prototype to the industrial scale.

Development for Industry

The Hunter's Event

Jägermeister Pop-Up

Gastronomic Management

Hotel Palacio Tondón