We are a community developing creative and executive connections in different areas in order to transform brands, inspire teams, and develop solutions for the modern gastronomic world.

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What we do?

Gastronomic Consulting

We develop strategies for the improvement and monitoring of processes adapted to the context of each project in the kitchen, dining room or bar areas. We design global and specific proposals in collaboration with teams that seek continuous improvement.

At Imago we develop leadership and reorientation strategies adapting the intensity to the nature of each project. We work in areas such as creativity, the systematization of processes, the study of costs and margins, the improvement of profitability, the configuration of equipment and marketing.

Social Innovation

If restaurants play a very important role in shaping the cultural identity of any society from the moment they operate in the relationship between the product/food and the diner/consumer, the chefs have a privileged vision of that food chain. In fact, they are dedicated to highlighting the added value of food in the food value chain.

What if we were able to understand the food system as a whole as a tool for social change and transformation?

We can activate platforms for systemic change by transferring gastronomic knowledge to territories where a structuring of the food chain would mean the difference between prosperity and underdevelopment.

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