El inicio

"Everything begins with an idea, to find new ways to eat..."

"In a world bristling with prisons,

Only the clouds always burn free.

They have no master, they do not obey orders,

They invent forms, they assume them all.

Nobody knows if they fly or sail,

If before its light the air is sea or flame.

Woven with wings are flowers of the water,

Reefs of instants, foam red.

Islands of mist, float, glide

And they leave us sunk in the Earth.

As they are immortal they never oppose

Force or fixity to the gale of time.

Clouds last because they dissolve.

Their matter is absence and they give life "

-José Emilio Pacheco

Shoots, vines, fire, embers and smoke...

El camino

"After the journeying the open road in La Rioja, interpreting the landscape, recipes, products, producers, resulting in an experience that left a good taste in the mouth, we decided to put down roots in an even more personal project"

La solución

"We find a unifying thread that unites our cusine with this region, the grill, smoke and its value.We begin to build from here"

La conclusión

We are devising a whole concept around the grill, fire and the reshaping of tradition: Nublo

Amid the aggressiveness and volatility of the flames, we find calm. We love slow cooking, as we learned long before. Rest, calm, simmer, selection, origin, product, and producers; terroir. We devised our proposal around the reformulation of the tradition from the most basic, the coal fire, and its control.