El inicio

Amarauna presents the works of Araneus diadematus, Argiope bruennichi, Zygiella x-notata and other spider species, an exhibition curated by Santos Bregaña. It was him that suggested that Imago develops edible representations that illustrate the historical suspicion that our species maintains towards the arachnid, mysterious and unknown.

El camino

In Western culture, human beings have rarely had a symbiotic relationship with arachnids for an edible purpose. Moreover, in most cases, it is common to find allusions to their poisonous nature, which is why a strategy of distancing them from them is inevitably defended. How would an aperitif prepared between the two species be?

The eyes of various families of spider

Little known is the custom by which rural houses allow wooden floorboards, beams and joists to be inhabited and woven by hundreds of webs. It is an old alliance between the human being and the spider against the fly, the gadfly and the mosquito, pests of the past that would make some moments of daily life unbearable. The scientific community estimates that the annual catches of all the cobwebs in the world would form a mass of 800 million tons. (AMARAUNA, Santos Bregaña, 2018).

La solución

A cocktail proposal between the spider and the cook; a consensual agreement where the first dictates their own sacrifice. "... and if I proposed you an arachnid drink, green tapestries, arthropods -all the ones you could imagine-, land, sea, zarajos of lamb ...

La conclusión

It all comes down to a night of joy, cobwebs and relish. An exhibition about the hidden relationship between species that maintain a careful mutual respect.